Fallon for Men provides customers with a comprehensive range of casual clothing options. We supply all types of quality casual wear, perfect for day to day wear.

Along with offering customers a full range of Superdry clothing, we also provide clients with some of the finest casual wear brands available in Ireland and Europe.
The casual wear brands we stock include:
• Superdry

• Remus Casual

• 6th Sense

• Dario Beltran

• Mish Mash UK

• ETO jeans

This brands popularity is justified by their huge selection of contemporary casual wear. Their high-quality hoodies and t-shirts are known for their comfort and longevity.

Remus' casual wear adds a twist of elegance to their collection. With a design that looks to combine comfort with statement pieces, Remus Casual is perfect dinner party attire.

These fitted Spanish designed shirts are perfect around the office. These light, breezy modern designs add a touch of style to any informal occasion.

Combining practicality, functionality and understated flair, the 6th Sense collection has something for every kind of modern man. Their guileful, comfortable designs mean they're the perfect office and after office attire.

Mish Mash jeans are synonymous with style, comfort and quality. These fashionable jeans are perfect for wear at a family occasion, around the office or at the local bar.

These great, fashionable jeans always make a statement when coupled with
an understated shirt and a pair of loafers. Their versatility means that no
matter the occasion – be it casual or formal, planned or impromptu – you’re
always dressed properly in a pair of ETO jeans.